Our firm provides a comprehensive range of business services for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries in their organization, growth and ongoing operations. Our services range from the selection and formation of an appropriate business entity tailored to the needs of the client, negotiation and drafting of agreements and corporate governance for ongoing companies, all the way through to services required at the end of a business’s life, including succession planning, business sales and mergers or liquidation and dissolution. Our business knowledge and experience enable us to help our clients achieve their goals in a practical and efficient manner.

  • Corporate governance for ongoing companies
  • Selection and formation of an appropriate business entity
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements


Family Law includes the practice areas of custody, child and spousal support, divorce, adoption, and other matters relating to the family and children in particular. At Senft Schefter Ayers, we have extensive experience in all of these matters, including custody trials, complex support issues, every manner of divorce, as well as adoptions and related matters.

These are stressful issues that call for a legal advisor who has been through many years of experience. At our firm, we understand that each case presents its own unique factors, and we can give specific advice about how to best handle whatever our clients may be facing.

  • Extensive experience in custody trials, support issues, divorce, and much more
  • Practice areas of custody and child support
  • Spousal support, divorce, and adoption services


Our firm handles numerous matters arising under both federal and state employment laws. These cases include claims under federal discrimination statutes, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. We also defend clients against claims arising under state law, such as claims for wrongful discharge, for breach of employment contract or for violation of noncompetition covenants.

An important part of our employment and labor work is counseling businesses about practices designed to reduce claims of employment discrimination, wrongful discharge or unfair labor practices and to effect compliance with the myriad of state and federal laws now regulating the workplace. We also counsel employers involved in employee representation elections, collective bargaining negotiations and grievance arbitrations.

  • Cases include claims under federal discrimination statutes
  • Defense against claims arising under state law
  • Business counseling about lawful practices


At our firm, we believe there is no “typical” method of personal and estate planning, as the mix of life circumstances and business and personal assets are unique for each person. Our attorneys have substantial experience in the full breadth of the law of estates, trusts, and taxation to assist you in developing estate plans that carefully balance personal, tax and administrative concerns. We prepare individually tailored wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and other documents necessary to carry out each client’s specific wishes.

When a loved one dies, one of the most important decisions that you can make is to hire an attorney that you can trust. We regularly assist families, executors, and trustees through the often confusing process of settling an estate or administering a trust. From the initial step of filing for probate through the preparation of the inheritance tax return and the distribution of the estate’s assets, we will be there with you every step of the way.

  • Estate plans that balance personal, tax, and administrative concerns
  • Experience in the law of estates, trusts, and taxation
  • Tailored wills, trusts, and other documents
We have years of experience to get you the results you deserve.
We look forward to representing you.


Our lawyers represent individuals, small businesses and large corporations in a variety of litigation matters ranging from the simple to the complex. We provide personal attention to our clients and our firm’s litigators have developed a widely-recognized reputation for effective and aggressive representation.

Although we approach every case as if we will take the matter to trial, our goal is to help our clients solve legal problems advantageously and efficiently. We accomplish this goal by understanding our clients’ needs and by approaching matters from a broad perspective, as well as helping clients to solve problems from both a legal and practical standpoint.

  • Services for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations
  • Reputation for effective and aggressive representation
  • Personal attention to our clients


Effective representation in Zoning and Land Use matters within York County, and surrounding areas, requires knowledge of the local people, community, and issues surrounding each case. At Senft Law, our municipal practice group offers trusted attorneys from York County who know how to successfully negotiate with both Boards and Applicants. We have dealt with municipal issues on both sides of the aisle, and effectively advise our clients as to how best to accomplish their goals.

  • Representation in Municipal and Zoning matters
  • Trusted attorneys from York County
  • Experience on both sides of the aisle


Buying or selling real property is one of the most important transactions you may ever be involved in, and, seemingly, one of the most complicated.  Even the most basic home purchase includes lengthy legal documents with lots of small print.  You need to make sure you know what you’re signing before you sign it.  From the sales agreement and disclosure statement to title insurance and the settlement sheet, we’ll explain it all and make sure your settlement goes off smoothly.

We also handle more complex matters such as commercial and residential development projects. From the purchase of raw land, through the zoning and subdivision approval process, to the successful completion of construction, we’ll provide the legal expertise you need at every step of the way.  We look forward to representing you.

  • We make sure your settlement goes smoothly
  • Commercial and residential development projects
  • Legal expertise you need at every step


For most people, a DUI charge is their first real contact with the criminal justice system.  You know you’re not a “criminal,” but suddenly find yourself thrust into a place you never thought you’d be without a clue what to do next.  The first thing you need is someone to sit down with you, answer all your questions, and explain everything in clear, understandable terms.  That’s where we come in to play. Give us a call for a free consultation so we can begin to help you through this trying time.

We have successfully handled over a thousand cases and appear in front of every District Justice and Criminal Law Judge in York County.  Our representation will include a thorough evaluation of your case, an explanation of the entire court process, and a detailed review of every option and the potential consequences.  We’ll talk about the ARD Program, jail time, driver’s license suspensions, and other important topics.  We will be by your side every time you need to appear in court.  We’ll get you the best possible plea offer and help you decide whether a pretrial resolution is advisable or whether we need to move forward to trial.

You need a lawyer who answers your calls or gets back to you as soon as possible.  You need a lawyer who can answer your questions in plain language, not legalese. You need a lawyer who will defend your rights and secure the best possible outcome.  You need to be treated with respect, not like a criminal.  That’s what we do…we call it DUI defense with dignity.

For more detailed information on our DUI defense practice, click here.

  • Successfully handled over a thousand cases
  • The best representation to achieve the best results
  • Local, Experienced, and Reliable


Our approach to Criminal Law is that the charges mean nothing. We will conduct a detailed analysis of the case to determine the validity of the charges and explore all options. From small-amount-of-marijuana charges to the most serious felony offenses, we will zealously defend the rights of the accused.

  • We will zealously defend the rights of the accused
  • detailed analysis of the case
  • We explore all options


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