Six Keys to Choosing the Best Business Attorneys in York, PA

Whether big or small, every business organization needs legal representation.  Hiring a law firm is an important investment decision.  A mutually beneficial long-term business relationship should be the end goal of the hiring process.

Use the following six keys to help you choose the best business law firm in York, Pennsylvania.

1.     Focus on the Type of Lawyer Needed

If you need representation for a specific problem or issue with another business or individual, make sure the firm you hire has experience with commercial litigation.  Seek out experienced general business attorneys if you are looking for advice regarding ongoing business operations.  The business and litigation attorneys at Senft Schefter Ayers in York, Pennsylvania are here to help you with all of your business needs.

2.     Hire a Lawyer Familiar with Your Market

Although your outside counsel need not be an expert in your industry, the attorneys in the firm should be open to learning and understanding your company’s practices, standards, customers, and stakeholders.  Your business counsel should take a genuine interest in the success of your business.  The business attorneys at Senft Schefter Ayers are committed to you and the success of your business.

3.     The Size of the Law Firm

Law firms, like businesses, come in all sizes, from solo practitioners to mega-firms with nationwide offices.  While the mega firms certainly are capable of handling most corporate needs, there may be genuine concerns about the hourly rates charged to support the mega firm structure.  You may also have a legitimate concern as to whether the large firms pay sufficient attention to smaller businesses with smaller budgets.

The attorneys at Senft Schefter Ayers enjoy the happy medium of bringing that big firm experience to a small firm environment in York, PA.  We know how to get the job done, but do not have to charge the exorbitant rates of larger firms.

4.     The Need for Additional Services

Hire a law firm that is willing to think outside of the box and go the extra mile to service all of your legal needs.  The difference-maker for Senft Schefter Ayers is that we call the shots for our firm, not some distant management team.  So, we have the flexibility to do whatever it takes to get the job done for your business, including the following:

  • Handling corporate books and conducting required corporate meetings;
  • Conducting seminars on relevant legal topics;
  • Drafting and updating policies, procedures, and employee handbooks; and
  • Making introductions to other clients, potential consumers, and strategic partners.

5.     Local Experience Matters

When you hire a law firm for your business needs, make sure the firm has a strong local presence  Obviously it is important that the attorneys in the firm are licensed in and know the business laws of the state(s) in which you conduct your business.  This becomes even more important in commercial litigation matters; each state and federal jurisdictions have their own rules and procedures.

The attorneys at Senft Schefter Ayers focus their business practice in the counties of Southcentral Pennsylvania and the federal courts of the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

6.     Legal Fees

Even some experienced business people hesitate to discuss fees with their attorney. But whether you’re a startup owner or seeking legal counsel for a large company, you should never hesitate to discuss legal fees with your law firm.

Typically, business lawyers have an hourly rate and charge in increments of that rate; e.g., tenths, fifths or quarters of an hour.  Firms may also offer a fixed amount, or flat fee, for certain services.  At Senft Schefter Ayers, we offer flat fees for routine items, so our clients know ahead of time what the total legal fees will be.  We offer hourly rates for more individualized work, and discuss with our clients’ approximations at each stage of the work, again so we can best assist our clients in budgeting for the appropriate legal services.


Hiring a law firm to represent your business is an important decision, with the goal being a long-lasting beneficial relationship.  Knowledge, experience, size, location, and fees are important considerations, but the most important factor is finding the “right fit.”  You’ll know it when you see it.  Please contact Senft Schefter Ayers to see if we can be the right fit for you.